H.igh P.erformance E.co Board


The Core is made out of a closed-cell, stringer less 'eps' foam. Reducing the weight of the board to the minimum. Because of the closed-cell core water cannot be absorbed by the material. 


By using Entropy Resin on the boards not only has a better impact on the environment, but is also top of the league when it comes to surfboard resin. Reducing the carbon footprint, less energy used in production and less harmful byproducts. 

ECO Board

We are very proud to announce that our H.P.E. Line is ECOBoard certified


Carbon is used to make the board stiff & playful. Distributing the force throughout the board down to the fins. We minimised the use of carbon to maximise the outcome.


EPS in combination with Epoxy tend to make boards feel stiff, but by using a specially designed dampening system the board not only feels more comfortable to ride, it also stays 100% on point especially in choppy conditions like with most river waves.


Of course the board comes with our regular protection technologies such as; HD-Rails & FixPlugs. Making your board last up to 3x longer then any standard board. 



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all shapes available