fluky bastard outline
fluky bastard rockerline
fluky bastard

Fast.powerful.spray, 3 words best describing the Fluky Bastard. The name Fluky Bastard stands for landing a trick first try. The widest point of the board is slightly more to the front, with a little more nose rocker preventing the nose from catching if you land a trick. The deep single concave gives the board both speed and agility at the same time.

length  5'2" 5'4" 5'6" 5'8"
width  18 1/2" 19" 19 1/2" 19.7"


 2 1/4"

2 1/4" 2 1/4" 2.3"



22l 25l 26l



Surfboard   549€  
incl. FCS II System   569€  

incl. HD-Rails & FixPlugs



Incl. VAT., Änderungen vorbehalten