Mini Driver

Mini Driver

This is the shape for the ocean! Designed for the ocean but built with river surfers in mind, working great on slower flowing river waves. It's wider build and more volume, meaning that normally landlocked surfers are able to easily have fun on ocean waves! Turns super quick and at the same time it is a very fast board, making it perfect for hollow barrels and waves where you want to turn a lot.

Surfs best: 4-10ft ocean waves, open river waves

Length Width Thickness Volume
5'11" 19 7/8" 2 5/8" 32,5L

Price: 799€
Premium Line (HD-Rails & FixPlugs FCSII): 799€
Custom Line: starting at 950€
incl. VAT | Subject to change | Shipping costs may apply

Shipping Costs for Surfboards D - 50€ A - 40€ others on request