The ‘A katana (刀 or かたな or カタナ) is a Japanese sword characterised by a curved, single-edged blade …’ [Wikipedia] This describes the Katana Surfboard by Delight Alliance Surfboards best. A precision tool for powerful surfing on powerful waves. Made for the best samurai’s in the sport, this blade will give you full control, stability in turns and agility. The Katana is developed for the new era of powerful and steep artificial and rapid waves. Its narrow design and full rocker makes the board turn super easy, the full rocker will allow tight turns and landings easier.

Surf’s best: Fast and Powerfull flowing River waves (Citywave, UnitWave on the highest settings)

Length Width Thickness Volume
5'1" 18 " 2 1/16" 19.5L
5'3" 18 1/4" 2 1/16" 20.5L
5'5" 18 1/2" 2 1/16" 21.5L
5'7" 18 3/4" 2 1/16" 22.5L

Price: 799€
Premium Line (HD-Rails & FixPlugs FCSII): 799€
Custom Line: starting at 950€
incl. VAT | Subject to change | Shipping costs may apply

Shipping Costs for Surfboards D - 50€ A - 40€ others on request