A shape for our young and future pros! With our Grom board we were inspired by our ‘Stash’ shape. A high performance board for a dynamic rider on artificial waves and fast flowing river waves. Scaled down for our little rippers to provide a fast turning, ocean like surf.

Surf’s best: artificial waves (Citywave, Unitwave, Alm, Flosslände, Cunovo)

Length Width Thickness Volume
4'9" 18" 2" 18L
5'0" 18 1/2" 2" 20L

Length Gromster Width Thickness Volume
4'7" 16" 2" 15L
4'9" 16 1/2" 2" 16L

Price: 799€
Premium Line (HD-Rails & FixPlugs FCSII): 799€
Custom Line: starting at 950€
incl. VAT | Subject to change | Shipping costs may apply

Shipping Costs for Surfboards D - 50€ A - 40€ others on request